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Have you ever been frustrated by your organization constantly falling short of its goals on major initiatives . . . even when proactively reviewing the operating plans and ensuring there was adequate funding and project team time allotted?  

You are not alone.

In today’s operating climate, success of your organization’s mission critical initiatives requires a high degree of managerial courage and cross-functional collaboration.  Further, without a well developed project management discipline, organizations will have difficulty adequately addressing the scope and complexity of the transformation required.   Whether implementing a complex business strategy or addressing large-scale performance improvement initiatives, organizations lacking these key attributes are likely to under-perform.

Sometimes, a major consulting project is not the answer.

While employing a large team of consultants will oftentimes move the organization to its goal(s) much faster than an internal approach, the challenge is to sustain the performance.   Sustaining change in an  organization behaves much like a rubber ball -- while it will change shape with enough focused energy, it has memory and will spring-back to its original state once focus is placed elsewhere. 

Sound familiar?

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